Protecting Your Local and International Business Interests

We help you mitigate risks of fraud and litigation by accurate individual and corporate screening

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Making your legal cases strong

We help you gather indisputable intelligence for litigation and trial preparation

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Full confidentiality guaranteed

We carry out domestic and civil investigations with utmost sensitivity and care

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Investigative services you can count on

Cutting-edge and diligent investigative services led by Chuck McLaughlin, a 25-year veteran who understands relentless due diligence, risk mitigation and investigation both locally and around the globe.

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Investigative and surveillance services for businesses, insurance companies, legal firms and families in dispute

A licensed private detective agency operating worldwide out of Boston, McLaughlin Investigative Group, Inc. provides full-fledged investigative and surveillance services in the fields of pre-employment screening; background verification; surveillance and security; family law; litigation;threat assessment; domestic investigation and insurance information gathering (just to name a few). We employ state-of-the-art technology, years of intelligence-gathering and tracking experience and ground level access to materials and resource persons to bring you highly sensitive information in a timely manner.

All our investigation, intelligence gathering and surveillance activities are performed under strict ethical and legal guidelines. We guarantee full confidentiality. Our detectives and affiliates go through routine training and skill-upgrades to take care of your needs with due diligence, timeliness and accuracy.

We provide our global services from our offices in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Our principal office is in Andover, Massachusetts.

When your survival depends on the intelligence and data you have, you can totally depend on McLaughlin Investigative Group, Inc.

  • boston private investigators Pre-employment Screening

    boston private investigators

    Do you want to make sure that only the right people join your business or organization? Our pre-employment screening services can help you weed out the troublesome employees and save you from costly litigations, claims, branding disasters and sabotage risks.

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  • boston detective Insurance Investigation

    boston detective

    Avoid paying fraudulent and false claims as an insurance company. Our claims investigation services will make sure that you pay costly insurance money to only people who really deserve it. We will closely work with your adjusters, supervisors and managers.

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  • private detective agency International Investigation

    private detective agency

    Our expert affiliates with unprecedented ground level reach in more than 100 countries and regions will help you protect your interests with accurate surveillance and background checks as you establish new partnerships in overseas ventures.

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Need our investigative services locally and globally? Contact now

  • UK Bribery Act - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - Due Diligence Investigations
    McLaughlin Investigative Group, Inc.’s global, trusted and vetted network of professional resources will help protect your business and reputation.
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  • Asbestos Defense Litigation
    We have extensive experience in handling investigations of cases involving individuals claiming compensation due to exposure to asbestos.
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  • Foreign Driver License/Document Verifications
    We mainly cater to the needs of auto insurance companies and help by verifying foreign driver license and other important documents.
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  • Litigation and Trial Preparation Services
    Our investigators assist in solving cases requiring asset searches, product liability investigations, plaintiff/defendant background investigation, database research and witness interviews
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  • Corporate Investigations
    Our business investigations are focused on background screening on corporations and management, copyright infringement, trademark theft, intellectual property and investor
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  • Family Matters & Domestic Investigations
    McLaughlin’s investigators are specialists in potential partner investigations, child custody investigations, estate litigation and verifications required for divorces.
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  • Surveillance
    McLaughlin works to continuously meet and exceed its mission standards through tactical surveillance. State-of-the-art equipment and mechanisms are used for every single investigation
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